Everybody likes flowers!

People are glad to support your organization and in turn they get high quality flowers that smell wonderful and last a long time.

Major highlights of our program include:

  • We grow seasonally appropriate flowers with the following advantages
    • All flowers are grown locally rather than being shipped from far away (typically South America).  This cuts down on the carbon footprint associated with transportation, provides a fresher product and supports a local farm. 
    • All flowers are grown in an environmentally conscious manner utilizing only organic practices
  • Because we are a part of the community, we care about providing the best in service and will work diligently to provide a great experience for the Friends and their patrons.
  • A robust online platform will provide the framework for the program:
    • Persons interested in making a purchase will go to:  watsonacres.com/yourcl. This address can be used on all promotional materials, articles, emails, etc.
    • A traditional shopping cart will allow users to place the order
    • Watson’s Acres will provide all customer service and necessary communications

 All you have to do is promote the program and we will do the rest!